Conversation w/a GoodLife Mortgage Broker (Part I)

Hey everyone!
I have been completely overwhelmed at the positive feedback that so many of you have given me regarding my recent excursion into the real estate industry.  I want you to know that I take your encouragement, advice, and tips to heart.  Thank you so much.
Additionally, I received quite a few questions; everything from mortgage financing to market projections.  I have even started working with a few of you who are interested in buying, selling, investing, and leasing!  We sure are hitting the ground running!

In light of all of the questions I have received (and the fact that I want my business to be a resource and support for you!), I decided to produce several short videos that will give you something to “chew” on and introduce you to some of the amazing people on our team here at GoodLife Realty.

Ever wanted to hear from a mortgage professional who talks like a normal person?  Well, here’s Gena answering a couple of your questions!


If the video doesn’t work on your device, click HERE to view on youtube.


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