My Listing! (2611 Carlow Dr)

Hey everybody!

I missed my Wednesday morning post this week.  Fortunately, the reason I missed a post was because I have been coo coo bananas busy (that’s right- coo coo bananas!) with my listing going on the market.  WooHoo!  

The property currently contains tenants and will likely be sold to an investor.  It’s got sizable additions in the way of a sunroom in the back and a converted garage (with window unit) in the front.  Neither addition is included in the square footage (1460 sqft) because they are not included in the HVAC.

So, here are a few pics of the house (2611 Carlow Dr.) I have on the market.  We’re already in receipt of an offer and don’t expect it to last much longer!

Thanks everyone for your encouragement!  You guys rock so hard.

Barrett Raven
C:  512-970-2648
O:  512-910-7403


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