Client Testimonial- Chere (2611 Carlow Dr)

Below is a short 60-second video of one of my awesome clients, Chere Chancey, sharing about her experience selling her investment property with me and GoodLife Realty.  

After closing, Chere sighed and said “That was the easiest real estate deal I have ever been a part of.”  I responded, “Um, would you mind saying that again and elaborating in about 60 seconds and look into this ipad?”  The following is her response.

It must be said that I can (and will) NOT accept all of the credit for making this process go so smoothly.  I am constantly amazed and grateful for the fantastic team of professionals I have access to.  My mentor, Terronald, is always available when I have questions.  Our sensational GoodLife President, Jason, is so gracious with his time and is ever-inspiring with his coaching me through problems when they arise (and they do!).  Our invaluable Contract-to-Close Coordinator, Abby, was on point with every bit of paper work that needed to be handled (and there is SO MUCH!) and helped administratively guide me, my client, the buyer’s agent, and the buyer through the entire process with graceful ease.  Lastly, Connie Lincoln of Platinum Title was a total rockstar.  She made closing seem like a springtime walk in the park (a five-minute walk to be exact!).  

With support like this, I was able to focus on what was most important:  my client and her goals.  Let’s see how it went from Chere’s perspective!

Check out the video on my youtube channel here if you so desire!

Barrett Raven
C:  512-970-2648
O:  512-910-7403


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