"I would roll on this deal…"

Some awesome clients of mine have a home in East Austin under contract at the moment that will require some TLC, patience, and hard work.  I have been so impressed with their vision and persistence with this particularly tricky property.  There are quite a few hoops we must jump through before closing and, even after that, there is a “raw” garage apartment that will be built out and several property line issues that must be rectified.  

After my client (the husband) asked me what I would do in his situation, I replied, “I would roll on this deal.”  However, as we discussed, I tend to shy away from construction projects.

Thinking about a huge construction project makes me want to do this.  Like father like son.

In light of my client’s prospective construction project, I was inspired by this blog post on apartmenttherapy.com this morning about a French couple who purchased a cave dwelling for 1 euro!!!  The road to recovery for this property was long but I think it should give heart to anyone wanting to pursue the task of restoring, renovating, or remodeling.  

Check out the blog post HERE to see how they turned this run down cave dwelling that was on the verge of caving in into something extraordinary.

Photo courtesy of apartmenttherapy.com
Barrett Raven
C:  512-970-2648
O:  512-910-7403

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