"Are popcorn ceilings cool?…"

As a Realtor, I have learned the value of being able to look at any space and see possibilities.  But, as most of us know, learning the value and learning the art are two completely different things altogether.  
Go. Get. This. Magazine.

I have a new listing in the Onion Creek neighborhood that I am super-pumped about!  (10003 Shinnecock Hills Dr.)  It’s a three-story palatial beauty with SOOOOOOOOOOOO many possibilities.  The sellers are the original owners (built in 1990) and just moved out after 25 splendid years of enjoying the home.  As I walk through the 3,307 sqft home, all I can see are possibilities.  Here are, in my opinion, just a few highlights:

  • Amazing kitchen!
  • Tall first-story celings
  • Great natural light throughout
  • 307 square foot third-story (media/game/hobby room or 4th bedroom)
  • Library/study area in master bedroom
  • Humongoid master bath


Behold, 10003 Shinnecock Hills Dr.!
Family room opens up to breakfast space/kitchen.  Check out these windows!
The natural light in this place is killer.  That’s a technical real estate term.

I think my favorite feature of this home its potential.  And I’m not just saying that to be a cheesy “salesman” Realtor.  It turns out I actually believe it.  And I see it!

This picture doesn’t capture the massive nature of that shower.  Plus, I’m pretty large.
What also came to mind as I strolled through Shinnecock Hills Manor and thought about the possibilities were people I know with a knack for interior design- namely Ann Lowe (Ann Lowe Design) and Shannon Eddings (Shannon Eddings Interiors).  In my opinion, these classy ladies have mastered the art of not just seeing but exploring the possibilities and making them cohesive and beautiful realities.  

Prove it, you say?  Below are a few examples of their work:
Shinnecock Hills could rock this. (Photo courtesy of Shannon Eddings Interiors)
I love this setup for a study (Photo courtesy of (Ann Lowe Design)
My love of dark walls is validated because Shannon likes them too. (Photo courtesy of Shannon Eddings Interiors)
I want to have my morning coffee here.  Everyday. (Photo courtesy of Ann Lowe Design)
Barrett Raven
C:  512-970-2648

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