Taj Mahal Land Surveys (aka Client Testimonial!)

Josh and Jessie were so great to work with!  We looked for a property for them where they could build an accessory dwelling unit for a rental property somewhere on the lot.  As it turns out, that’s pretty hard to find in Austin!  I told them when we closed that having them as clients was like going to “Real Estate Grad School”.  I learned a ton about building code, public utility easements, residential review, and so much more.  Even though, they ended up with a home, I feel like I got just as much out of the experience as they did.

There were definitely some bumps along the way.  We encountered sellers who didn’t know much about their own property.  We ran into issues with sellers who were slow to make the repairs they promised.  As hard as it was, we even had to back out of a contract because of a garage apartment structure that came with some hefty risk.  We delayed closing in order for the sellers to make the minor repairs laid out in our contract.  However, Josh and Jessie were amazingly patient, trusting, and wonderful to work with.  

Working with Josh and Jessie make me be like…
Check out the video below (or here if it doesn’t show up).  The fact that Josh describes their experience as “easy” and “smooth” is probably my greatest accomplishment thus far as a real estate agent! 
Barrett Raven
C:  512-970-2648

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