Austin, TX Barbecue Overtaking Lockhart?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you know that Austin has surreptitiously become a Mecca for BBQ lovers state, nation, and even world-wide.  Everyone knows that the barbecue “flows like wine” down in Lockhart with iconic establishments such as Smitty’s Market, Kreuz Market, and Black’s.  
Photo courtesy of Texas BBQ Posse
In this blog post by the “Texas BBQ Posse”, it is suggested that Austin is taking over Lockhart as the BBQ capital of Texas.  We local Austinites know of all the obvious spots and tourist destinations.  You’ll find plenty of articles and blog posts about Franklin Barbecue, John Meuller Co., La Barbecue, and the like.  There is certainly a reason these places have gotten so much attention:  they’re freaking amazing.
My beautiful bride (on the left) on our first date night after having our first son (Green Mesquite)
However, in this post, I wanted to highlight just three barbecue joints I love that are a little more unlikely, off the beaten path, and a little less (I hate to say it) hip.  Here they are:
  1. Ruby’s BBQ  This little spot at 512 W 29th St. is tucked between Milto’s and Spiderhouse.  Their doors opened in 1988 and, strangely, a vegetarian could feel comfortable here.  I have two sons, aged 2 and 4, and living two blocks away, we frequent this place about twice a month.  The four of us usually order a three-meat plate (brisket, sausage, and chicken), two sides (beans and mustard potato salad), and a Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich and we leave full.

    Photo courtesy of She-Smoke
  2. Bowie BBQ at Whole Foods Market  (525 N Lamar BLVD) One Monday morning a few years ago, I got my family all psyched for some Franklin BBQ only to remember, as we were heading out the door, that they are closed on Mondays.  Noooo!!!  So, we pulled an audible and took a detour to Whole Foods.  Since our hearts were set on BBQ, we went ahead and hit up Bowie BBQ in the back of the store.  I was more than pleasantly surprised- I was pleasantly amazed.  I’ve been back several times for their brisket and the only surprise I’ve had is that I didn’t have to wait in a line.  According to Fed Man Walking, “Whole Foods belongs in any full account of Austin BBQ.”  Agreed.

    Photo courtesy of Fed Man Walking
  3. Black’s Barbecue Austin  (3110 Guadeloupe St.) I know, I know.  It’s kind of cheating to put Black’s Barbecue on my list.  After all, Black’s is one of the most famous BBQ joints in Lockhart, TX.  However, they just opened an Austin location and I couldn’t have been more impressed.  This is the second establishment on my list that is two blocks from my house.  Lucky me.  They don’t do the smoking at the Guadeloupe location.  Instead, they have it delivered from the flagship store in Lockhart daily.  So, you’re getting the best-of-the-best Lockhart “Q” right here in central Austin.  What’s awesome about this Black’s is that there isn’t a line…yet.  So, hurry up!  GO!

    We got to attend a pre-soft opening party at Black’s BBQ Austin last month.  Amazingness.
Admittedly, I am not a BBQ connoisseur/snob.  I am an enthusiast!  So, if you ever find yourself in Austin with an insatiable appetite for some great barbecue and don’t want to stand in line for hours, I think any of these three spots will leave you incredibly enthusiastic!

What are some of your favorite lesser-known barbecue places?

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4 thoughts on “Austin, TX Barbecue Overtaking Lockhart?

  1. I'm so glad to see you talk about Austin's BBQ locations. I live fairly close to Lockhart and have been to those places but now that we spend more time in Austin (hubby is a PA announcer for sports at UT and St Eds, as well as a Duck Tour captain/guide) we spend more time up there and would love more ideas. I hate standing in lines and love great BBQ suggestions!


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