Real Estate Jargon: "What the heck is a comp?!" pt. 2

Before I really jump into the mechanics of how to actually look for comps, I thought it would be important to “set the stage” a little bit.  I’m realizing as I unpack the term “comp” that there are SO MANY words and phrases thrown around that most people really don’t understand at all.  For instance, on more than one occasion I have had clients who were confused about when their property was actually “sold”.  I’m going to do my best to keep trucking with our “comp” endeavor and try not to take all the potential rabbit trails we cold be led down.  

Ira thought he needed these binoculars to find comparable properties until he watched my video!
Check out the most recent video post below where I unpack a few terms that we must understanding before continuing this convo.  If the video doesn’t show up below, click here to watch it on my YouTube channel.
In part III of this discussion, I’m going to elaborate a little on why you should only used “sold” properties for comps.  I edited out that explanation in this video because it made this post way too long…and we all know that nobody’s ever accused me of brevity.  🙂

Barrett Raven


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