My Big "Why?"s

I recently read a book by Gary Keller called “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent” (cheesy name for an amazing book).  In the first (or second) chapter, he encourages all the budding real estate agents out there to pin down their Big “Why?”– the most fundamental reason we are pursuing a career in this crazy industry of real estate sales.  As I discovered quickly, this line of questioning could literally take forever…or end abruptly with the response, “Because I want to.”  The idea is that when we discover this big why it should give purpose and meaning to our daily pursuits and give us a reason to push through when things get hard.  
So, I decided to share my Big “Why?”s with you fantastic readers-of-my-blog.  A quick preface:  Obviously, you could ask “Why?” to all of my “Why?”s.  But in the interest of not driving myself insane, I decided I had to stop somewhere.  Therefore, I boiled it down to a few basic reasons and they are………….

1.  The Tour de France-  OK, so I wanted to pick the weirdest one first.  Let me explain:

As many of you know, I love cycling.  Hmmm…maybe I’m a little obsessed with cycling.  I love riding, racing, and cruising on by bicycle for fitness and fun.  But I’m actually a lot more into watching professional road racing than I am my own riding.  That’s right- like the Lance Armstrong type of racing.  Anyway, it is my dream to take my family to Europe and follow the Tour de France for a few days.  Real estate gives me the potential for time flexibility as well as income-earning potential (plane tickets be expensive!) to make that dream a reality.

Are you kidding me?!  I want to be here.  (photo courtesy of Dorsal51)
On the subject of flexibility- a lot of agents get into real estate because they think they will have all of this free time.  However, I have found that if I’m doing enough business to support a family, my time is more in demand than ever before.  The difference is that I have control over that time and I like that.  A lot.  I love the idea of being able to see my kids’ school plays, sporting events and spelling bees or being able to chaperone their field trips or class parties without having to ask someone if I can have the day off.  With that being said, when our Tour de France Fund is adequately funded, we going.  No questions asked.  No time-off requests.  We’re gone.  We’ll write.
2. AdoptionKristen and I feel super passionate about adoption for many reasons.  Our church is a huge advocate for fostering, fostering to adopt, as well as adoption.  Kristen and I see that we have been so incredibly blessed in our lives through our families and friends and it breaks my heart to think of a child being born into this world without that support system.  If we are financially able, how could we not make this happen?  To adopt a newborn baby, it will cost anywhere from $10,000-$25,000.  This is definitely something I think about when trying to acquire more business and when the days get rough.
What child wouldn’t love to have these crazy rascals as brothers?


3. It’s FUUUUUUUUUN!!!- I guess I don’t really know how else to say that I have a freaking BLAST selling real estate.  Seriously, I love every aspect of this business.  I love my clients (especially).  I love the properties and their quirks and issues.  I love problem-solving and helping my clients achieve their goals.  I love the economics and market forces.  I love mortgages and seeing friends make wise financial choices.  I love HOAs, covenants, codes, and restrictions and their implications.  I love the amazing people I get to work with at GoodLife Realty.  I love home inspections and combing through inspection reports.  I love negotiating.  I love that each agent I deal with on the other side of a transaction is completely different than the last.  I love when my clients close on their homes and watching them dream about the future.  I love marketing and writing this blog.  I love showing homes and getting to experience all different types of properties.  I love when things are easy and when things are hard.  I love the opportunities this job provides me to connect with people.   I love old houses.  I love new developments.  I love strategizing.  The list could go on.  I’m serious- I love it all.
My clients are LEGIT!
I hope that makes sense!  I could easily say something like “I do real estate because it gives me flexibility with my time, I like it, and I could earn some decent money.  I like to think the three reasons I gave answer the question “Why?”.  



Barrett Raven



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