"What’s the deal with cash buyers?!" Pt. 2: The Why

In part one of this little series called “What’s the deal with cash buyers?!”, I basically described what I perceive is the root of the frustration many buyers face when entering our very competitive real estate market.  In my experience, about 80% of the transactions I have been involved with in the past year have involved multiple offers.  One of those competing offers is almost always made by a cash buyer.
Below is a video that I hope clearly explains why a cash offer is harder for a seller to turn down than an offer with conventional loan financing.  Sometimes, sellers even take a lower offer when it involves all cash.  (If the video doesn’t show up below, click here to view it on my YouTube Channel)
In the part three of this series, which I hope to post next week, I will give two tips that I believe will help you to be better prepared to compete with all-cash buyers.  I promise, one of the tips is not “Just have all cash!”  🙂

Don’t let this guy rain on your parade.



Barrett Raven


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