Podcasts of Mt. Baldy Touching Your Finances (aka- Client Testimonial)

I absolutely love listening to podcasts.  My favorites primarily pertain to professional road cycling.  For example, the Velocast is hosted my two Scottish dudes, Scott and John, and an Irishman, Cillian.  They ramble on about the minutiae of the sport in a way I feel only I can appreciate.  Honorable mentions are the Rouleur Cycling Podcast and the Speed Metal Cycling Podcast.  
Another podcast genre I appreciate is real estate (surprised?).  I love Real Estate Today (general show about real estate news, homeowner tips, etc.) as well as The Real Estate Guys (all about real estate investing).  My biggest guilty pleasure podcast, though, is called “Pat Hiban Interviews Real Estate Rockstars“.  In his show, Pat interviews mega-agents from all over the country and basically asks two questions:
  1. How many bucket-loads of money did you make last year?
  2. How did you do it?

At first I was super annoyed by the formula of this show.  However, after a few listens I really started paying attention to what these turbo successful agents were saying.  For the most part, what each agent would say was that you have to be hyper focused on taking care of your clients’ needs and you won’t need to worry about the money.  Recently, there was an agent on Pat’s show (I can’t remember who it was!) who explained the great honor it is to have clients trust you with coordinating such a significant and complex transaction.  He pointed out that in this business we are given a license to “touch the finances” of our clients in a unique way.  I couldn’t agree more.

My awesome clients, Doug and Sherry, after closing on their new Wimberley home.
Recently, I helped my sweet clients, Doug and Sherry, purchase their new (and hopefully last!) home in Wimberley, TX.  They are entering the twilight years of their respective careers and couldn’t be more excited about getting retirement started in this sweet little river town.  These guys were so fun to work with and I definitely felt an appropriate weightiness to this transaction I hadn’t felt before.  I actively understood during every single step of this process that this couple was allowing me to “touch their finances” and that there was a lot riding on me making this right for them.  
The team out viewing properties in the pouring rain!
In the video below, you can hear Doug himself say “We trusted Barrett with our lives.”  I’m so glad they did!  (If the video doesn’t show up below, check it out here on my YouTube Channel)
I grew almost obsessed with this property by the time we closed!

Barrett Raven


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