My FHA Loan Can Beat Up Your FHA Loan (aka- client testimonial)

“It’s a seller’s market.” they say.  And, yes, they’re right.  Still, I love working with buyers just as much as sellers.  If you think about it, sellers in any given market only have one thing to sell.  Buyer, on the other hand, can choose which home they want and I get to try to help them get it.  In this current (seller’s) market, it’s certainly challenging for buyers because inventory is so low.  However, I have learned to adapt to this market and I’ve seen quite a few happy buyers!  How do we do it?  Well, maybe someday I’ll right a post giving away my buyer-secrets.  Until then, if you’re thinking about buying, just give me a call (512) 970-2648.  😉

Here is Travis being a straight baller.

One such buyer I recently worked with is Travis.  Travis is in his mid-twenties, wanted a single-family home in south Austin under $200K that was move-in ready, and was attempting to purchase using an FHA loan.  Many observers would have looked at Travis and thought/said, “No way, Josè!”  Well, not only did we achieve this all for Travis, we also got:

  • A $1900 reduction in sales price;
  • ALL of Travis’s closing costs paid ($5000)!; and
  • Some minor repairs performed;
Even cooler than that, Travis had a 5-star experience and things went smoothly to closing.  Additionally, Travis quickly acquired two roommates to help him pay most of his house payment each month.  Triple-SCORE!  Check out the video below where Travis, himself, describes what it was like working with me and my team.

(If the video doesn’t show up below, watch it here on my YouTube channel!)

Barrett Raven
C:  512-970-2648
O:  512-910-7403

One thought on “My FHA Loan Can Beat Up Your FHA Loan (aka- client testimonial)

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