So. Many. Okies. (2015 Texas Relocation Report)

Recently, the Texas Association of Realtors released its 2015 Texas Relocation Report.  Read the full report here or check out some highlights below (the first three points are direct quotes from the report):

Photo courtesy of WikiMedia Commons
  • Texas continues to be a high demand destination for residents moving from out of state. 

  • Texas followed Florida as No. 2 in the U.S. for population gains from out-of-state residents in 2014, with 538,572 people moving to Texas from out of state.

  • The state the most new Texans came from was California (63,591), followed by Florida (40,930), Oklahoma (25,096), Louisiana (23,805) and Illinois (23,258).

  • Travis County had the 4th most inflow of people from out-of-county.  (#1 was Harris County [Houston])

  • Central Texas contains three counties that are in the top 10 for net inflow of people.

  • Travis County had the 4th largest net gain of out-of-state residents.  (Harris County was #1 by a LONG SHOT!  Check out the graph below.)

  • U-Haul ranked Austin as the #7 destination city in the U.S. for 2014.

  • As you can see, Harris County blew the competition out of the water in terms of “Net Inflow of People from Out of State”!

    Two additional pieces of info I found really interesting are that 1) By far, the Texas county we (Travis County) receive the most residents from is Harris County (Houston) and 2) The overwhelming majority of Travis County residents who migrate to another Texas county are staying in the Austin area.  The top two “outgoing” counties were Williamson (Georgetown, Hutto, Round Rock, etc.) and Hays (Buda, Kyle, Wimberley, San Marcos, etc.) Counties.

    What this tells us is that, while the Houston area is attracting a lot of out-of-state residents, many people who already live there are coming to the Austin area.  Additionally, when Travis county residents relocate, they don’t go far!  Why the heck would they?!  

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