Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since my last blog post…and for good reason!  The past few weeks have been BONKERS and work has kept me too busy to sit down for the time I know is required to produce quality content for you lovely people.  

Anyway, I’m still probably too busy to sit here and post- but I can’t stay away!  Here is one little thing I’ve been working on lately:

I have a new listing that I so wish I could buy!  It’s at 1608 Meander Dr. (basically E 12th St./Webberville Rd.)  Check out some of the deets (and pics!) below.  First, though, here’s what I love most about this home:  If you love Austin like I do and you drive/ride around the city a bit (with your eyes open!), you will quickly notice that a lot of the old neighborhoods are transforming rapidly.  A lot of the older homes with character in these hoods are being torn down and replaced with modern condos, duplexes, or single-family residences.  Sometimes these newly constructed homes are exquisite masterpieces (check out Moore | Tate for examples!).  Other times, however, these “modern builds” are gaudy, tasteless, and look plain awkward next door to older, more modest homes.  The home in the picture below is freaking sweet.  But next door to the great-grandma who’s lived in her 950 square-foot two-bedroom home since 1953…that a’int right!  

Photo courtesy of Penny Arcade

(OK, back to what I like!)  I love that my listing on Meander Dr. is basically new construction (rebuilt from the studs up) but also fits with the feel of the neighborhood.  When you drive through this east side the neighborhood and pass this home, you would never know that it’s basically got new everything.  This is a quality restoration- with all the luxuries of a new build- that you can come home to everyday and not feel awkward pulling into your driveway.

As promised, here are a few details!  (with more photos below):
  • Listed at $299K
  • 3/1
  • 1000 sqft
  • Built in 1964
  • 6,332 sqft lot size
  • Super-open living room/kitchen situation
  • Carport
  • Everything is new but the foundation, front brick, and studs.
  •  Spacious back patio and backyard (great for entertaining)

Feel free to reach out to me directly if you or anyone you know might be interested in a sweet home like this one!  HOLLA!

Barrett Raven
C:  512-970-2648
O:  512-910-7403


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