(November’s) October 2015 Market Stats Update!

The Austin Board of Realtors (ABoR) just released Austin’s housing market stats for October 2015.  Check out the short video below where I break down the numbers for ya!  

Background image:  Back in September,2014 when I attended the public meeting on ADUs

If you are a longtime reader of this here blog, you’ll know that I find it challenging to discuss Austin’s housing market stats without mentioning affordability.  Back in the 1990s (and before), it was pretty darn easy for a middle-income earner to afford housing in central Austin.  These days, that’s just not possible unless you’re buying a teardown.  Still you’d have to pay for renovations!  (Seriously, in 2014, the median income in Austin was $63,603.  That kinda money a’int gonna get you anything in 78704!)  

That being said, we had HUGE NEWS in Austin this weekend when our city council announced that they are lessening restrictions on accessory dwelling units (ADUs).  In my opinion, this is a very common sense move, which will increase affordability and density in our great city.  Go Austin!  Check out the video below for a little more context.

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