Signing 34 Million Documents and Having Babies (aka- Client Testimonial!)

Closing on a home- especially your first home- can be a very emotional and overwhelming experience.  It can be exciting, thrilling, and heavy.  It can be mind-numbing and scary.  It can be so many things.  However, the most common feeling I’ve observed in my clients at the closing table is that of relief.

I mean, everything between making the decision to enter the marketplace and getting your closing statement can leave your head spinning.  (e.g. nailing down your home search criteria, viewing homes, choosing one, making an offer, getting an offer accepted, having a home inspection, processing the inspection report, negotiating repairs, gathering and submitting documentation to the lender, getting through loan processing and underwriting, choosing a home warranty plan, choosing home insurance, wiring obscene amounts of money out of your bank account, packing up furniture, scheduling closing, and more!)

My boy, Brent, (and me) after closing!
One might say this is the closest a man gets to childbirth.  Wait, no?  OK, maybe not.  Regardless, by the time we get to the closing table, there is always a huge sense of relief.  I hear things like “Holy crap, I can’t believe it worked!”  or “Wow, it’s over!”  Having experienced closing on my own home, I can testify to the fact that there is a feeling of comfort when you realize, at closing, that all of the documents have been prepared and there’s really nothing you can do to change anything at that point.  If you want the house, you gotta sign!  haha

Check out the short video below where my awesome client, Brent, describes what it was like closing on the purchase of his first home, an eastside condo conversion.  I’m thinking you can sense his delight punctuated by overwhelming relief.  Additionally, take a look at some of the photos below the  video that were taken during the construction of his place.  (There were many many delays in construction, permitting, and other issues…but Brent was a freaking rockstar the whole way through.)


Barrett Raven
C:  512-970-2648
O:  512-910-7403


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