2015 Year-end Austin, TX Market Stats Update!

2015 has finally come to a close…at least with respect to reported housing market stats!  2015 was a major record-breaking year for the Austin area.  Check out the video below where I break down some of the numbers for the entire year!

One quick point that I didn’t really mention in the video:
  • It’s a little misleading to say that inventory in Austin is so low and just leave it at that.  It can be a bit confusing for someone who isn’t intimately familiar with these numbers- especially when you hear that there was a record number of homes sold.  If you’re like me, you think, “Wait, first you said tons of homes were sold and that there were record numbers of homes hitting the market…and then you said there’s hardly anything available.  What the heck?  Which one is it?!”  
    • It might help to phrase it this way:  There is very little housing inventory available in Austin relative to the number of people who are wanting to buy homes.

(If you video doesn’t show up below, check it out HERE on my YouTube channel!)

Barrett Raven
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