"Never do business with friends or family…in Twin Peaks." (aka- Client Testimonial)

When I first started in real estate (literally in my first licensing class), I heard several people say, “Never do business with friends or family.”  I guess, at some basic level, that made sense to me at the time.  I don’t know why- I just accepted it.  

I hope that if/when one of these kids (my own children!) want to buy their first home, they’ll know who to call.  haha
However, I sought out wise counsel from seasoned real estate agents who I deeply respected and who I knew had a solid ethical backbone.  One agent, in particular, directly challenged that little bit of what he called “folk wisdom”.  He said, “Screw that, dude!  I say only work with friends and family!”  This guy said that avoiding business deals with friends and family is only important if you (or the other party) are planning on acting without integrity.  He encouraged me to be open to working with anybody who I genuinely believe I can help.  After all, if I am honest, ethical, and trustworthy, why in the heck should I exclude those who are closest to me?!

Some of my favorite peeps, Leif and Autum
With that in mind, I recently had the ammmmazing opportunity to work with Leif, who is one of my dearest childhood friends (and his awesome wife, Autum…who is also a dear friend!).  We had such a blast together and I am so glad that I was the one who was able to help them buy their first home!  Leif and I actually played in a band together in high school and college (see us shredding below), travelled the country in a van playing gigs, and grew up about 200 yards from each other.  

See Leif and Autum in the video below describing what it was like working with me…a friend…and also family…basically.  
(If the video doesn’t show up below, check it out HERE on my YouTube channel!)

p.s. My first blog post and other bits of folk wisdom.  

Barrett Raven
C:  512-970-2648
O:  512-910-7403

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