Test-driving a Tiny House…

Over the last couple of years, I have had periodic requests from buyers who are interested in exploring tiny house living.  (Check out Austin’s own Kenga Room Systems– sweet prefabbed tiny houses.)  

Background photo courtesy of WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
The reality is that tiny house living is getting more popular by the hour- especially in dense metro areas like Austin.  Real wages are simply not growing at the same rate of home prices.  Therefore, those of us that desire to live in the city are having to be creative in order to make it work.  For example, I’ve heard of many families going in on a home together and then splitting the house payment 50/50 and just living together.  Others are renovating garage apartments or ADUs in order to offset higher house payments.  I also know quite a few families who head out of town almost every weekend so that they can rent their house out as a vacation rental to out-of-towners.  

Another option that is gaining in popularity is the tiny house.  The miniature dwelling are cheaper to build and more efficient to heat, cool, and power.  If you can find a lot big enough to hold your tiny house, it’s very likely that you will be saving money hand over fist.  The only real challenge is…you have to live in a house that’s really tiny!  

I came across this video (below) on the New York Times website where Penelope Green “test-drives” a 300 square-foot apartment in Manhattan’s new Carmel Place building.  


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