A Bit About Barrett

Barrett hails from Conroe, TX, a land of tall pines and warm hospitality. He moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics with a minor in sociology. Barrett began his post-grad career as an educator specializing in teaching math to middle school students with dyslexia.

Barrett met his beautiful wife, Kristen, at a coffee shop where they both worked during college. If you keep an eye out, you will spot the active couple hauling their three kids all over town in their trusty bike trailer. As a long-time bike commuter and third-generation Austonian, Barrett has an extensive knowledge of the city and a passion for helping people enjoy it.

Barrett and his beautiful bride, Kristen
Da crew…on their way to Quack’s Bakery!

While teaching at a local private school, Barrett’s middle son suffered heart failure as a newborn and required major heart surgery (He’s OK now!). Saddled with crippling medical debt, the Ravens had to figure something out. So, Barrett acquired his real estate license intending to pursue home sales as a side job to help give some much-needed financial relief to his family. However, he had no idea that he would LOVE helping his clients so much. After a year and a half of working two jobs – teaching and real estate sales – Barrett decided to quit his teaching job and jump into the deep end of the real estate pool! Whether purchasing or selling a home, he pursues nothing but excellence while shepherding his clients through every transaction.

Barrett and his wonderful clients after closing…in the process of striving for excellence.  Apparently, it’s located just out of frame…

In addition to various fitness activities, Barrett has a huge passion for music. He played guitar and sang in a couple of rock/punk bands growing up and loves helping others feast on the musical catalogs of his favorite artists and bands. These days – apart from filling in on guitar or drums at his church – Barrett’s primary musical audience is his children.

Pickin’ ye old six-string for his daughter, Bowie.

Barrett’s background in customer service and education directly contributes to his ability to provide his clients with a five-star experience. He believes that knowledge and patience, as well as integrity, are a must in this industry. Therefore, Barrett is a valuable and trustworthy asset to have during your next real estate adventure!